Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet to Disrupt Tablets Market

Amazon’s $199 android tablet Kindle Fire set to release on November 15, 2011 will make huge impact in the tablet market and will crack the market of highly successful Apple iPad.

In a market where $500 tablets dominate, Amazon’s android tablet Kindle Fire will make a huge impact on tablets market when it is released on November 15 for $199. Already people have started calling “Kindle Fire- A tablet for masses” due to its low price. According to market estimates, 2-5 million Amazon tablets are expected to be sold by the end of current year. Previous attempts to break the monopoly of Apple’s iPad in Tablet market have failed but analysts believe that Amazon will be able to break the Apple dominated tablet market. Already impact of Kindle Fire can be seen in the market as Best Buy was forces to cut down prices of tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab and the HTC Flyer.

Apple Inc. is a company who takes more interest in selling its tech devices than media while Amazon is interested in selling its media. According to market experts, Amazon can even afford to sell their upcoming tablet for price less than its manufacturing cost as they can recover the amount from the sales of media and goods. It will be now become a direct link between Amazon and its customers which can even prompt them to buy anything that Amazon offers.

Kindle Fire, an android tablet which can be used to play media, read books, browse web is one of the cheapest tablet of its kind. It is a tablet with 7-ich LCD screen, 1 GHz dual-core processor, 8 GB RAM and Android operation system. It has a sound browser known as Silk which enables you to use Amazon’s cloud infrastructure which speeds up the browsing by caching and pre-fetching pages of your interest.

The recent invent of tablets have revolutionized the media industry, people are moving from laptops to tablets. So the media industry needs a makeover to use the new market of tablet users.  Ideas are already out; many magazine advertisers are suggesting to intelligently placing ads on tablet version of the Vanity Fair, the Cosmopolitan and other magazines. HBO has started offering the episodes of its latest series like Boardwalk, Cury Your Enthusiasm and True Bloods on the tablets through HBO’s Go service. The service has been a success as more than 3 million people downloaded the app which can be used by subscribers to watch their favorite shows anytime they want on their tablets. So, with technology and media making such advances, Amazon’s android tablet Kindle Fire will be a surely big seller.

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