Amazon’s Sales to Reach Over One Million a Week

More than 1 million devices of Kindle are sold a week, a rather unpredictable statement from one of the largest internet retailer Amazon

Amazon Kindle FireIt is surprising with respect to those negative reviews that came up with the launch of its new Kindle Fire Tablet. Amazon claimed that we have successfully sold one million tablets a week and the level of sale is same from the last three weeks. This sales’ figure includes the number of Kindle Fire Tablet as well as all the other versions of Kindle e-reader. It did not inform about the sale number of Kindle Tablet alone.

However, Dave Limp, Amazon executive stated that the sales graph is going up with respect to each passing week. According a spokesman, the company has claimed about its one million sales but never given a sales number for a week. The disclosure has come up after a spate of negative responses by the users which say that here are issues like slow response form the web browser and user interface, inappropriate external volume and need for more strict privacy settings. An analyst at Macquarie, Ben Schechter said, ‘the press release was very bullish and clearly a response to the few high-profile negative articles.’

Amazon’s shares increased by 1.1 % to 182.18 dollars by the mid-afternoon on Thursday and the stock fell to its lowest level that is 170 dollars on Wednesday. It is said that articles and reviews are often called to be ‘overdone’ because they often compare the Kindle Fire to the Apple’s Inc. iPad. In this regard, Schachter said that it’s like you compare a 20 thousand dollar car with a 50 thousand one and it pinches us just because our users and customers go through the responses. Despite the adverse coverage and reporting, he is stick to his stance of Kindle’s five million sales in the 4th quarter.

Amazon made a statement earlier the last week that it plans to upgrade its software, which would eventually solve all the issue customers have with Kindle Fire. Moreover, users will be given the option to choose items that will be displayed on the carousel. Carousel is the window that pops up on the Kindle screen showing the most recent activities done by the applicants. On the other hand, some users have complained that showing what they did last would create a privacy problem.

It’s a new product that can be improved. We don’t think any of the problems discussed are deal breakers.” Schachter said.

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