Amazon builds hype to introduce Android and Kindle Tablets


WSJ reports that Amazon is getting ready to launch its 9 inch Android tablet and two Kindle eReaders before October.

Every two days some new release is heard happening in the tablet market. The companies are ready with their products and the consumers are ever ready with their money. One tablet making brands launch is followed by another. And following up this course of tablet releases, we have Amazon claiming to launch its 9 inch Android tablet before October, as confirmed by The Wall Street Journal.

The news till now related to this tablet states that it is probably going to be without any camera features. Something tells me Amazon may have designed the device in this way on purpose. Sliding out of the competition with the big guns (yes I’m referring to Apple’s iPad) will prove to be a smart move by Amazon in the long run. The reason being that by not carrying a camera, Amazon aims for the lower market price and users would like to see some new stock in the market that does not have a heavy price range. Besides that, Amazon’s digital store enables the function of watching videos, listening to music and reading books on the tablet with ease. Running on Google’s Android OS this Amazon tablet could succeed in setting itself apart without any competitor while aiming for a different area of consumers.

Hold on. This is not all of the news Amazon has in store for you. The company is also set to launch two renewed Kindle e-ink technology models. One is reported to be a touch screen device and the other an improved version of the previous model. For those who remember last year’s Kindle release by Amazon, this brings on glad tidings for you. Not only because you are a Kindle fan but because Amazon plans to target the two updated eReaders for the low priced market as well. With an Android tablet and two new Kindle readers all planned for release at about the same time, Amazon hype is expected to surge in the market pretty soon. Judging by Amazon’s experience in the tablet market, it can prove to be a tough rival for Barnes & Noble Nook and who knows, one day even for Apple’s iPad.

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    Yo, that’s what’s up truhtfully.

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