Apple Sales Soar in the Tablet Market, Android Catches Up

After seeing the huge success and unrivaled kingdom, Apple’s crown has now started to shine out. Sales are to decrease for Apple as new rivals plant their tech feet in the tablet market.

According to the latest research done by Strategy Analytics, the global tablet orders and shipments space rocketed in Q2 thanks to the power and popularity of iPad, and also due to the arrival of many other tablets running on various operating systems.  The second quarter has seen the glory and there was a smooth jump of 331% in the shipments of tablets. Tablets are becoming a huge part of the consumer industry due to their sleek designs, smooth touch screen interfaces and various uses. Technology in one pack means a tablet. Apple’s iOS swept a clean 94% of the tablet market a year ago! However, now it is down to just a 61%. What happened? I’ll tell you; Android happened.

Neil Mawston, the England-based director of global wireless practice at Strategy Analytics says: “Given the sheer volume of Android, Microsoft and other models flooding into the tablet market, it is inevitable that the global market share of Apple iOS will shrink over the next year or two. However, the global market’s raising tide of tablet shipments will continue to lift the Apple ship, and provided it continues to deliver good products Apple should continue to generate solid revenues and profits from the tablet category for the foreseeable future.”

The research by Strategy Analytics show that tablets’ global shipment were as much as 15 million! It was also reported that Microsoft came in the third place and it was followed by the iOS and Android at a 5% market share. Next number was taken up by Research in Motion’s QNX that had a 3% market share due to the first-generation fantastic launch of PlayBook tablet.   When asked Apple, it was found out that Apple has sold 9.25 million iPad during the 3rd quarters which was a 183% jump from a year ago.

What are the reasons behind such a crazy hyper for tablets?  Mr. Mawston said that: “There are at least three major reasons driving the demand for tablets. Consumers generally find finger-driven touch screens to be more intuitive than keyboards and track pads for Internet browsing. Second, the boot-up speeds for tablet operating systems are faster than those found in notebooks. And third, the keyboard-free designs of many tablets mean they can be styled to look sleek, thin, light and attractive.”

Strategy Analytics says that they expect the tablet market to grow for another 3 years. The falling prices of tablets over next few years will also help in continuing this steady growth of the tablet market. The reason why Android and Apple are in tough competition is because Android operating system is being used by several companies such as Acer, Motorola and Samsung. These are also bug players in the tablets market and are growing with speed thus gaining more market share and reducing Apple’s dominance.

But it is also true that there hasn’t been any breakthrough tablet like iPad, by Android which can be counted as a true rival for iPad.
If Amazon launches a tablet then Android community will get a good kick. Only then it will successfully compete with the tech giant: Apple.

Mr. Mawston also said:  “Tablets are cannibalizing net books and portable music players, but we view tablets as additive rather than subtractive. The total global computing pie continues to grow overall, although it is fragmenting. Fifteen years ago, computing was mostly done only on a desktop PC. Today, computing activities such as Internet browsing can be done through multiple devices, such as tablets, smart phones, notebooks, net books, e-book readers, in-car head-units, and so forth.”

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