Apple Tops Lenovo’s Sales in Budding Chinese Market

By: nJaved

According to the Financial Times, Apple has achieved yet another market success by topping Lenovo’s sales in China in its Q3

As far as we know, Apple did not need any incentive or any encouragement to take a victorious lap in the billion dollar race of technology! But still Apple can happily check China in its list of conquests of top-performing-markets.

According to the renowned Financial Times, Apple’s $3.8 billion sales in China in its third quarter have successfully outnumbered Lenovo’s 1st quarter $2.8 billion sales. That was predictable yet it seems astonishing.

However, Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s CEO quickly sacked the financial comparison “apples to oranges”, citing Lenovo’s incapability to compete fully in the segment of mobile phone.  He continued to cite that his company is still focusing more on personal computing.

Still being worthy, Lenovo separates its Taiwan and Hong Kong sales from mainland report, which puts the company on an unequal footing with Cupertino. Cupertino has two markets in the total Chinese earnings! Despite that Lenovo has all the reason to keep its chin up because no matter what, it still have a mega 31.7% market share to flaunt over Apple.

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