Australia witnessing a stifled growth rate of Android Tablets

By: Abeera

The market of Australia is presently seeing a slow growth in Android Tablets since Apple’s iPad is gaining popularity

australia tabletsMedia tablet market of Australia and New Zealand experienced a perceptibly stifled growth rate in the start of the second half of this year. The rise estimated is only 3.1 % quarter on quarter with shipped units of 434,000. Much of this rated slowdown in the growth is linked with the Android sector. Australia contributed around 86.2% of total shipments in Australia and New Zealand with a rise of just 1.6 percent quarter on quarter, according to the IDC eReader Tracker and Quarterly Media Tablet.

Amazingly, the growth rate of Android Media Tablet went in opposite directions across ANZ. The rate increased a bit over 60% in New Zealand and dropping by 37% in Australia. The early hype and trend in Australia crested by Android Media Tablet between Q2 and Q3 has gone down while Apple’s iPad is gaining popularity continuously, said Yee-Kuan Lau, an IDC Market Analyst. He further said that “The exit of low-cost Android tablets such as Optus MyTab and Telstra T-Touch and the court case over Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 slowed down Android’s momentum in Australia as well.”

The market of Australian Tablets has been witnessing a high promotion phase and dramatic price cut throughout the year. It’s the consequences of the launch of Android based tablets by Samsung, Toshiba, Motorola, Acer and other such rivals. The most recent and highlighted price gash has been for the Motorola Xoom, which sold its tablets at half price during the whole holiday season.

In the meantime, with a constructive growth of 13.6% over Q2, Q3 media tablet market of New Zealand displayed a higher market growth. “Android momentum is strong in New Zealand and the growth is due, amongst other things, to the collective efforts of major players such as Motorola, Acer, Asus and Samsung, which had the advantage to sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country,” stated Lau.

As per an estimate, the unit share of Android Media Tablets dropped by 8 unites all over the Australia inhabiting only 16.5% of the whole market share, while in the same time the Apple’s IPad 2 market shared increased remarkably to 77.7% in the same period. Lau said that Apple continued to expand is growth in ANZ with extra retail stores tailed by a channel expansion; retailing through Australian telco operators for the very first time and employing Ingram Micro as an additional supplier in New Zealand.

He also expressed his hope over the Android issue by saying that IDC expects media tablet to get a boom just after the launch of Android 4.0 Tablets in the market. Moreover, when LTE- devices are going to hit the market in near future, it would automatically result in more media tablet sales via telco operators. Forecasts for the Christmas epoch suppose Android-based media tablet deliveries in ANZ to stay below the 100,000 mark and with a unit share of Q4 at nearly 20%. It is predicted that Apple iOS will continue to maintain its leading position in the tablet market and according to a rough estimate around 1.5 million tablets will be delivered to Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2011.

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