E-Readers and Tablets Competing to Become the World’s Hot Favourite

As per Nielsen’s second quarter data survey conducted recently, the popularity of e- readers is increasing amongst women whereas males are following the likes of various tablets.

The times are changing and so are the likes of people. Earlier there was just the PC or the laptops that would rule the IT based gadget world. But now there is so much going on everywhere, with a new gadget or device being launched every day that the statistics of popularity are also changing rapidly! According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, the reports about what do men and women prefer between e-readers and tablets revealed that most females were in favor of e- readers and men liked the handy tablets.

The statistics projected that 61 percent of the females were e- reader owners with around 57 percent of men owning tablets. The statistics were of the year 2010- 2011! Interestingly it is only recently, that these gadgets have gained immense popularity and it shows the extent to which the population follows the newly launching gadgets in the world of IT.

Not only has the usage statistic changed, but also the age group that adheres to these gadgets has also changed with time. It would be very interesting to know that tablet usage has increased immensely within the time span of just a year. Earlier the usage of tablets in 2010 included users from age group that was sunder 34! However, now the change is bigger as the users’ age ranges from the same but the less than 55 age group is also part of it now! Which is absolute news for the enterprises which are candidly manufacturing tablets every day!

The reason behind the popularity of e- reader amongst females is expected to be the fact that females have a passion and inclination for reading much more than men. Their interests differ and reading is one of the major diverging interests between both the genders. Therefore, the percentage is larger for females using e- readers rather than tablets which is more or less a business, entertainment and leisure oriented gadget. As the adjectives say, these qualities are the likes of men and therefore their inclination is much more towards tablets!!

Thus, these results cannot be considered to be final and never changing because the statistics keep on evolving depending upon the percentage that shows interest in the usage of these gadgets!

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