How Far Will the Kindle Fire Go?

With speculations about Kindle Fire, likely to be launched on Wednesday, there is buzz as to what one should expect from the all new Amazon product: Kindle Fire!

Kindle Fire is the advanced release of the company that made it massively huge with their gadget, Kindle e-reader, Amazon. This company launched e- reader and millions of buyers laid hands over it, lending it a positive name and making the company richer! Seeking its past hit, Amazon wanted to nail it again with yet another tablet, and this time they have come up with something, named Kindle Fire!

There are studies being conducted to examine the form and specifications of the tablet and see if it will be able to create a worthy place for itself or not.  The tablet is almost similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook in appearance. It does not contain an e- link screen like the e- reader but a brighter look. Neither does this have a camera installed in it. Thus, with such simple and attractive edgy looks, Kindle Fire is sure to be found in the handbags and purses of its users.

Let us leave the specifications behind and move on to the speculations being made about its post launch status. With the popularity of Kindle e-reader, there are raised expectations from this tablet too. TechCrunch’s MG Siegler has sought this tablet into a category of absolute hits. He assumes that the tablet features and specifications will amaze its users!

Some experts are keen on knowing whether this tablet will slash the popularity of iPad or not. Well, in this regard there are secret sources saying that the tablets lack some of iPad’s key features. This definitely is a drawback, but one must not forget, that Amazon’s Kindle e-reader did make it big, if not till the level of an iPad. Thus you b=never know, as to how far this tablet could run! Why don’t you also check out ht tablet before its release and guess whether it will be a hit or not?

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