HP Pre 3 Misses US But Goes Extremely Cheap in Europe!

By: nJaved

HP is selling its first webOS with a huge discount in the European markets while skipping the United States altogether.

With HP’s first and most probably the last webOS booming sale, news has arrived that HP is also offering a huge discount mark up on its newly launched Pre 3 smart phone in Europe.

HP’s discount mark ups has brought the price of its webOS down to a humble $75! But before that the same HP webOS has been sold at a kingly price of £299 in the UK and up to €350 in France. Believe it or not but Germany is not going to get any benefit out of the price discount since there, all unit have already been sold! Tough luck for consumers whilst being a good luck for HP!

It may seem like an exceptional deal but it comes with ugly news for local webOS fans! HP had great hopes of controlling the webOS bionetwork but without the presence of TouchPad, they do not see the need to launch their Pre 3 in the United States anymore. Pre 3 was a last struggle by HP to advance in the smart phone market but now that chance has come to a close leaving many impatient webOS fans totally disappointed.

However, if you still have a yen for webOS and cash in your hand, then you are more than welcome to order a special import while the fire sales in Europe last! As a warning keep in mind that even tough HP is displaying spectacular specs, you should be also expect some spottiness when it comes to coverage. All T mobile users will be transferred to EDGE speed! AT&T is expected to have a better 3G coverage.

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