HP TouchPad Tablet Cost Reduced

HP hopes on gaining consumer attention by making its TouchPad tablet more attractive in the market with a lowered price.

We know that when it comes to Apple’s iPad all the competitors get side-tracked in their market value. 25 million iPads have been sold since the device’s launch last year. The competitors themselves are aware of this more than anything else. So the question for them is that in competition to iPad, what are they supposed to do to attract consumer attention? Apparently, Hewlett Packard (HP) has come up (or attempted to at least) with a solution to twist the consumer heads around from iPad to their TouchPad tablet. But of course it is not without some compromise made by the company.

The recent update on HP’s latest TouchPad states that the company has decided to lower the price of its tablet in order to increase its market sales. Although this U.S. company holds its own in the technology sector, things have not been very bright for HP as report shows that its stock has decreased since the start of 2011. On top of that, the company is being overshadowed by competitors like Apple and Dell in the rapidly growing tablet market, which is especially raising the concerns of the investors.

HP’s TouchPad made its entry in the market with retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon.com and Walmart. With its July launch the tablet instantly came in the competition, standing against Apple and Android devices in the rivalry. Running on the webOS created by Palm, the HP TouchPad came loaded with the Adobe’s Flash video format feature. It received a mixture of reviews in relation to its level of success in the tablet arena with all the other tablet making brands.

Now $100 has been cut from the original price of the TouchPad by HP as the reduced cost on the website states the 16GB TouchPad model to be costing $400 and 32GB TouchPad model costing $500. And that seems to be HP’s back-up plan to attract more consumers for its product. But still, the competition is tough with tablets such BlackBerry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, Google Android OS powered devices and many more besides Apple’s iPad. So assuming that if the cost reduction does not raise the market value and sales for HP’s ToucPad, does it have any other back-up plan in mind?

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