Intel’s Clover Trail is Likely to Pair up with Windows 8 for Tablets

Intel’s Clover Trail silicon is going to be a massive push by chipmaker of Windows 8 tablets!

It is an Atom chip panned for the 2nd half of this New Year, almost the same time frame of Windows 8 launch, a source linked with Intel’s plans told CNET. Clover Trail, follow on to the Medfield, is aimed mainly at the smartphones. Medfield chip with the single core design will be used for some tablets undoubtedly, but Clover Trail with its high quality dual-core version will make it an attractive offer for tablet makers.

Moreover, it is said that Intel is likely to show off its Clover Trail based prototype tablets privately or publicly. These tablets are going to run on Windows 8 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) later this month. It has somehow followed the comments made by Intel’s Mike Miller who regarded Clover Trail as “a vehicle for Windows 8 tablets and hybrids.” Moreover, it is predicted that Lenovo and Acer are going to bring forward their Clover Trail tablets working on Windows 8 in the 3rd quarter of 2012.

In the previous year at Windows Build Conference Samsung astounded its attendees by bringing forward a tablet based on Windows 8 with an Intel processor. And as expected, it was not from ARM as expected, although it is known to be the silicon of choice when it comes to Android tablets.

Normally, ARM processors are more power effective than Intel processors, and that’s the reason they are extensively used in smartphones and tablets. But presently Intel is working hard to fulfill the power efficiency gap with Clover Trail, Medfield and Silvermount.

Moreover, a conventional Intel chip, Haswell, which would target hybrids, tablets and ultrabooks, is also due in the next year that is 2013. Another processor targeted specifically at mainstream laptops and ultrabooks, Ivy bridge processor, is also likely to make an advent at CES. All in all, Windows 8 which is a more tablet friendly as compared to Windows 7 will operate on both ARM and Intel/AMD chips.

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