Kindle Fire Set to Become the New Hottest Device

The speculations going on about the hottest new device has put Amazon on the top

Amazon Kindle FireAmazon’s Chief Executive Jeff Bezos recently unveiled tablet at a price which is lower than the expected one that led some of the analysts to increase their sale estimates for the device. An email-monitoring firm eDataSource estimated that on the very first day, Amazon got 95, 000 Kindle Fire pre-orders and the number is being averaged to almost 20, 000 a day. The shipment of the device will be started by November 15. According to another Technology blog, Amazon is selling up to 25, 000 Kindle Fire tablets a day while an analyst at Detwiler Fenton & Co. Mark Gerber said that; “The rumored numbers out on the Web are far too low. Really strong pre-orders and the surprising $199 price mean they will easily do five million units this quarter.” In the fourth quarter he expected Amazon to sell around three to four million Fire Tablets.

When asked Amazon to comment on it, they simply denied. However Gerber and some other analysts will be keeping an eye for clues on the tablet orders when the results will be announced by the company in the end of October. Thomson Reuters said that; the company is expected to make some huge profit in the third-quarter of 24 cents a share on the revenue of $ 10.93 billion.

The head of and co-founder of gadget websites Gizmodo and Engadget, Peter Rojas said that according to him Kindle Fire will turn out to be the hottest selling product this season. He further said that those who already have Apple Inc’s more expensive iPad will go for Kindle Fire as a second tablet for their family with a price of $ 199. He told to Reuters that; “A lot of people started to have more than one computer in the home in recent years and cheaper netbooks fulfilled that need perfectly. The Kindle Fire could meet the demand for a second tablet.”

Those who do not like Apple or iPad will like to go for it since its price is lesser than these. “They have been waiting for that iPad alternative to emerge and it never did,” Rojas said. “Amazon played it smart — there’s just enough dissatisfaction out there with iPad alternatives.”

The coming months will soon make it clear that which device is ruling the market and is being considered as the hottest one. It’s time to wait and watch.

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