Motorola Launches First Business Tablet

After the success of consumer tablet, Motorola has decided to launch business oriented tablets for its customers.

The success of Apple’s iPad has boosted the tablet market, now tablets are considered hot cakes in the consumer electronics market. Currently, more than 10 major companies are making tablets for the general market. Till now, tablets have been only designed for playing games, streaming videos, web surfing etc. Even though people in the industrial sector are using tablets, there has not been a single tablet made to suit industrial environment.

Chicago-based Motorola Solutions, a manufacturer of communications equipment for government and industrial customers took the opportunity. They are now launching the world’s first enterprise tablet; they call it Motorola ET1. The tablet is just like all other tablets in shape and design. Motorola ET1 tablet has a 7-inch screen with cameras on booths sides. It features dual-core 1 GHz processor with 8GB internal storage. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and supports micro-USB port.

The special enterprise tablet is designed to bear extreme temperatures, drops and spills. Its software enables multiple users but it provides a personalized workspace for each user. It also supports accessories like barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader.

The general manager of mobile computing, Girish Rishi, says that it will very useful for retail stores, the floor manager can retrieve any information about a product. Rishi said, “We’re seeing retailers craving to be more responsive to the customers who walk into their stores”. Motorola ET1 is designed in such a way that a strap can be added for holding the tablets with ease.

In January 2011, after the division of Motorola Inc., Motorola Solutions became an independent company taking the mobile devices department. Its old history is filled with mobile accessories and computers which were made rugged especially for industries like health care, logistics, cellphone carriers and retailing. General Manager Rishi believes that his company introduced enterprise model of a tablet more than a decade ago but this one is special as market trends have changed.

This will be the first product by Motorola Solutions that will run on Google’s Android OS. Previously, Motorola’s products were running on Microsoft Windows, but as the global trend is in favor of Android, the company had to shift. Android is also an ideal operating system for tablet providing users with best functionality; Rishi states that users of Motorola demand a pleasing touch interface like the one on consumer devices. He says that Android has given Motorola Solutions the much needed flexibility that they needed for security and bar-code scanning.

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