One goes and the other comes: Lenovo breaks the ice as HP disappears!

Just as Hewlett-Packard has departed from the tablet market, Lenovo strikes with its ThinkPad, which has hit the markets already!

It is true that empty spaces are filled quickly just as new ones are there to replace the old ones! This is evident with Lenovo’s sudden jump in the tablet market; just as Hewlett- Packard failed webOS- based TouchPad left the arena! Lenovo has now emerged with an Android based ThinkPad which is the first ThinkPad tablet available for all.

The ThinkPad by Lenovo does not aim to flicker in the tablet market for a short span of time. It plans to stay therefore it is Android based which is the second best after Apple’s iOS. Lenovo claims to have induced features within its ThinkPad which are user friendly and apt with today’s trends. Interestingly it contains a pen based handwriting recognition technology through which one can “digitally write, draw, and create content.”

Moreover, with the help of its productivity department, Lenovo has been able to provide users with the facility of editing files and documents that are based on Microsoft Office. This can be achieved by using the USB or the Bluetooth. The convenient features within the ThinkPad will definitely make it a weak point for the tablet maniacs. The more features it will offer, the better clientele it will attract.

The ThinkPad can also be used to access PC desktop applications when outside your working place. This is possible with the Citrix Receiver present in Lenovo’s ThinkPad!

Lenovo spokesperson said on the launch, “It contains software for IT managers which deliver secure corporate e-mail and IT managers can…configure security and device settings with custom corporate preloads from Lenovo’s Imaging Technology Center,” Lenovo said.

Now the talk of the town is whether Lenovo will be able to stay or will it have to exit the tablet market just as HP….? However, these questions can be answered only with time once the users have tried and tested the Android based ThinkPad!

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