Pearltrees Launches its First iPad App

After getting 200,000 users on the web, Pearltrees is looking to use iPad to grow their company.

pearltrees app iPadPearltrees, a Paris based web service, which allows its users to organize and share things that they like on the web has launched its iPad application on Monday. Currently, company has over 200,000 users who have collected more than 10 million pearls. The users are growing at rate of 15% per year. The move by Pearltrees can be taken as an intelligent move because iPad now accounts for 97 percent of the traffic originated from tablets.

The web service provider has seen success as some fervent users and curators collected their favorite items in their own information schematics.  Pearltrees allows its user to share it with people that they have invited to its website. It also helps you in finding people with similar links and interests. Pearltrees has helped a lot its users in categorizing and exploring the web. The website of Pearltrees has an astonishing graphic system. It is doing what other sites like Pinterest are doing, and that’s using web users to curate their links and interesting in an attractive.

Pearltrees app for iPad allows users to gather web pages and arrange them in pearls and Pearltrees. The app also allows them to share and collaborate on Pearltrees of other users by using the feature ‘Team’ which was released last year. From the design of Pearltrees app for iPad, it seems that they have designed before iPad even existed. App has a greater potential than the regular desktop site, it has a great multi-touch interface which make its faster to manage pearls and Pearltrees with the fingers. The screen size of the tablet makes the app perfect for the visual interface.

Apart from the multi-touch interface, Pearltrees app for iPad has introduced a new feature called Visual Discovery. This feature allows users to explore the interest graph of Pearltrees’ community by scrolling yours fingers around the screen; new pearls will show up with content related to the closest pearl that was last displayed.

After two years of desktop site, Pearltrees have all the suitable players they need to make full use of their database. With Pearltrees joining the Apple arena, it will surely provide an enjoyable experience of manipulating the pearls to its users. The iPad can be regarded as their gateway to the mass market.

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