Sony Proclaims to Upgrade its Tablet S and Tablet P to Android 4.0 ICS

A statement issued by Sony states that they are planning to update their upcoming tablets into the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version

Tablet SSony has announced to update its Tablet S and Tablet P to the latest 4.0 Android ICS version. They issued the statement on Official Sony’s online community forum in a highly insignificant way. For consumers, it does not come as something astounding or surprising, as the company had earlier proclaimed their plans related to the advancement of compatible Sony Xperia Series. Sony is planning to upgrade its tablets into Android 4.0 in the upcoming March 2012.

Sony Tablet S has continuously impressed consumers and users with its light-weight design and ergonomic outlook. A mobile analyst Sascha Segan regarded Sony Tablet S as one of the ”best-looking Android Tablets around” credit goes to its wedge-shaped design that looks like a magazine. This results in inspiring a familiar feeling among users when they held or uses the tablet.

If we talk about features, Sony Tablet S was somehow considered to be deficient when equated with the other leading tablets currently present in the market like Amazon Kindle Fire and Apple iPad 2. Although each one of them is at a separate end when to it comes to price range, but they have their own set of features and distinct advantages that enables them to head the top list of tablets. Overall, iPads are the most retailed tablets in the history of market. Android 4.0, released quite some time back, is grabbed by the only mass device Samsung Galaxy Nexus that stands with Google co-branding. Moreover, LG is now planning to launch its own smartphones with Android 4.0 ICS and the trend goes on with almost every manufacturer. HTC will be updating presently available attuned handsets to Android 4.0 in near future.

You can run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS on both tablets and smartphones like Sony Tablet S. It is expected that Android will announce major plans in the upcoming year. They have even proclaimed to market an Android tablet that would be of “Highest Quality”. Google has also made it clear that it would fight till hard for gaining a big market share that is currently seized by the top ranked Apple iPad and iPad 2. Eric Schmidt has even issue a statement in which he said to be in a “brutal competition” with Apple. Although he stated that we have great regard and admiration of Steve Job’s work, but this is the nature of professionalism and “capitalism”.

To upgrade versions there are certain set of difficulties faced by companies! Since majority of the phones work on their own custom UI, many of them are unable to back increased processing demands for custom UI and Android 4.0 at a similar time. This is the cause Samsung had to declare that they cannot update certain models as despite having a 1GHz processor, the pressure is too high for enabling a smooth enactment.

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