Tablet share in the tech market – Going up or going down?


IDC analyzes the reasons for the shrunk of tablet market share by 34% in Australia and New Zealand

With such a tablet hype going on and latest releases by brands like Apple and HP, who would have expected the tablet market share to hit a low point? But it did. Statistics by IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Media and eReader Tracker show that shipment of media tablets went down by 34% in Australia and New Zealand markets. This is surprising because comparing Q1 2011 to Q4 2010, last year was a much better round up of tablet market share than this year, in both Australia and New Zealand. 85% of Q1 shipments fell in half of Australia while New Zealand was held responsible for the rest of the market size.

However, new launches of devices with different OS and entries of media tablets are soon to be expected resulting in a competitive market environment. The iOS devices having a top place in the market would probably triple the Android media tablet share. Tablet consumers must be ready to look forward to some new technology, fresh out of the bag.  This would at least lead to some growth in the media tablet shipments this year.  Not only this, but BlackBerry OS and webOS devices are also expected to arrive and this would certainly cause an increment in the media tablet market share.

IDC Australian analyst, Yee-Kaun Lau said, ‘The decrease in shipments is a result of weak consumer demand after a busy Christmas period, proceeded by the anticipation of Apple’s iPad 2 along with a series of Android 3.0 Honeycomb devices. While the launch of Android 3.0 Honeycomb media tablets may not be significant enough to cause a shift in the competitors’ landscape now, this will spur growth in Android tablets within 2011. It would probably be the first sign of disruption in the media tablet market. Samsung, being the second largest vendor in Q1, was further affected by excessive channel inventory of Galaxy Tab from the previous quarter.”

Though the growth of the media tablet market might be fluctuating annually, the tablet world still has some strong rigid features to back up its consumption and save its fall, which include: Applications, Connectivity and Price Points.

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