Taiwanese PC Makers to Make Huge Profits from Tablet Market

Taiwanese PC makers are exploring generic tablet PC markets worldwide to find massive business opportunities.

Generic tablets and tablet PCs have exploded worldwide in the past year. The emergence of this market is being exploited largely by Taiwanese PC makers who are finding contracts with ease all across Europe and the world. Analysts believe that massive business opportunities lie in the future for them, while a few manufacturers have already started to exploit this sector; they have built positive relationships with their tablet PC buyers over the world, as some Taiwanese industry experts have come to believe.

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd has been in the forefront of exploring the industry. The company has reportedly focused on emerging markets such as the BRIC nations and Eastern Europe and is finding new customers for its services. According to insiders, Gigabyte will receive its first contract from Eastern Europe, a sign that the firm’s resource allocation and efforts have indeed paid off.

Earlier on, the firm had caught the Google TV wave and profited a lot from it. As Google TV launched, Gigabyte became one of the primary producers of the set-top boxes for Google TVs, which caused a boom for its contract manufacturing department; the sector saw its revenues rise to account for 20% of the company’s profits. Even though the demand for the Google TVs is shrinking, Gigabyte Technology is still optimistic of its department as the demand for generic tablet PCs will maintain or even increase its revenues.

Gigabyte is not the only firm profiting from the generic tablet PC growth. Shuttle Inc. has also received a lucrative contract from China where it is expected to ship these tablets in large numbers. Although the company hasn’t officially acknowledged this information – or rumor if you may – the general manager for Shuttle, David Chen, recently announced that his firm has been progressing very well in the tablet PC manufacturing sector.

Asrock Inc., a global Taiwanese brand recognized mostly its PC motherboards, is planning to enter into this manufacturing sector as well. However, the company has announced that it won’t be ‘jumping’ into the generic tablet sector but will design a well-planned strategy before entering the market.

Industry experts from Taiwan believe that the generic PC tablets market is growing exponentially in emerging markets, namely China, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and this will help to maintain the growth of this market in the world. DisplaySearch has completed a few markets surveys which show that generic brands will together hold a 19.8% share in the total sales of tablet PCs worldwide this year, with Apple Inc. alone to command a 53.6% share. Even though famous brands like Apple dominate the market right now, it is clear the generic brands – especially ones from Taiwanese OEMs – will continue to take their share as well as dominate in emerging markets.

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