The Tablet Crown will shift from Apple to Android by 2016

By: nJaved


The latest forecast report from Informa Telecoms & Media declares that by 2016, Android would be ruling the Tablet Market, not Apple!

Apple has popularity and tablet lead at the given time. But what is the factor that is going to change that by 2016? It’s the “price” factor. Oh yeah, Apple would be paying the price too for its sky high prices after 2016 because the cheaper Android tablets would be prioritized.

Informa Telecoms & Media is the firm that studies the tablet market, its segmentation, and mobile operating businesses along with forecasts and reports.

Recently, it has published a report which should be getting Apple all eyes and ears and even worried. The report declares that: Apple – which currently holds a gigantic 75 percent of the Tablet Market, selling over 20 million units of iPads around the world – will face a fall to only 39 percent ownership of the market by 2015.

Even though the sales of Apple are expected to increase from 20 to 230 million units by 2015, given the expected launches of iPad 3, iPad 4 and even iPad 5 respectively, why would it have just 39 percent of the tablet market share? The culprits behind this forecasted fact are the incoming and increasing (mind you) cheaper Android tablets. The report goes on to say that Android tablets would have picked pace and would be sharing the 38 percent of the tablet market to their own name. This would be a cut-throat competition for sure in 2015. And thanks to Informa’s further prediction, Android tablets would eventually surpass the sales of Apple tablets by 2016 – making it the Leader of the Tablet Market. The new crowned Tablet King!

Here is a small scoop of what is being said by David McQueen (the principal analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media):

“Three factors have proven to be decisive in the success and failure of tablets: brand; access to distribution channels; and product quality, including the application environment offered. At the moment, the iPad leads in all three areas but Apple’s edge is likely to wane by 2016 as the quality of the competing products and an application environment improves.”

It is pretty logical actually. Apple is undoubtedly the trend-setter in the technology market but it is only time when better versions of the same trend come out by the competitive parties. In the world of technology there can never be ONE ruler forever. World’s recession and people’s disability to pay sky high prices to satisfy their technology-craze will influence them in making alternative choices! And what could be better? Especially when the market is full of better cheaper AND advanced products – priorities are bound to shift.

So the question remains! Will this upcoming threat be crushed by new strategies or will the “Apple” of our eyes change altogether?

Year 2016 will give us the answer.

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