Vudu Uses Mobile Site to Avoid Sharing Revenues with Apple

Vudu launches its streaming video-on-demand (VOD) store on the iPad in form of a web mobile experience

The video-on-demand (VOD) service provider has been actively trying to make it available on more devices, now Vudu has finally launched its service on the iPad. While most streaming services are already ahead of Vudu by launching their VOD apps on Apple’s tablet, the company has used a different approach. Vudu has arrived on the iPad as a mobile web experience, primarily because it doesn’t want to share any revenues with the hungry Apple.

Recently, the company upgraded its site to widen its availability to web browsers, as well as connected TVs, game consoles, and Blu-ray players. The mobile website for iPad, which was launched on 9 August, is a part of the project. Vudu’s iPad website is specifically designed for the tablet to allow users to watch videos they’ve already rented or bought from the store. The website also uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) adaptive bit rate, which will allow users to have an optimized experience based on network conditions. However, Vudu is still not available in high definition, just like the regular website.

Vudu also benefits from not using app as it won’t have to integrate its accounts with Apple’s login system and will be able to manage its customer accounts across various devices. But the primary reason behind this move was that the company, and its parent Walmart, do not want to share revenues with Apple. Edward Lichty, Vudu’s GM, admitted that providing users a mobile web service would be “economically favorable” for the company.

Lichty also added that it also gives Vudu complete independence. The company will be able to update its site any time without requiring the approval of Apple.

The Vudu iPad site will offer users more than 20,000 titles for rental and perchance. Lichty says that users will be offered the company’s complete library, except ones from Disney. This is because Disney has its own video service called ‘Disney Movies Online’ and also an iPad app which might be used for streaming in the future.

iPad is the first tablet to get an optimized store from Vudu. The company claims that service for other mobile and tablet devices are being developed right now. Those users with an iPhone may not be able to get an optimized experience yet, but they will be provided one soon.

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