Imerj – A Twin Screen Android Smartphone Tablet Hybrid


A company called Imerj is launching a mobile device that has revolutionized the smartphone market by hosting a second flip-out screen that converts it into a tablet.

A new company called Imerj has revolutionized the smartphone and tablet market by bringing a new product that practically fits into both markets. It contains a second screen that can flip out and turn it into a tablet-like device.

It is basically a dual 4 inch Android smartphone that runs on the 2.3 Gingerbread OS with a few user interface customizations to fit the unique display system of the device. Called the 2-in-1 Smartpad, Imerj has been marketing their new product over the web through their website as well as on Youtube.

As a concept, it takes two screens that are hinged together and may form a single continuous screen while the phone becomes a single screen smartphone once it is folded. But the phone is more than just two screens attached together; it contains a larger battery and speakers of superior quality than its rivals. Other specifications include dual-core TI OMAP processor, 1 GB RAM and storage from 32 to 128 GB – a first in the market, an option to add a microSD card, and a 5 mega pixel camera right next to the earpiece.

The dual screen hasn’t been quite exploited by the developers yet. Currently, applications will be run as a full screen on the two screens display but users won’t be able to full reap the advantages of a second screen until developers produce relevant updates to their apps. Nevertheless, Imerj claims that the Smartpad is the best of both worlds as users have the benefit of using a smartphone display or a full screen display according to their requirements.

The company is not alone in this development. One potential rival is Sony, which is bringing a dual screen tablet called the S2 in the market soon, but it is not exactly a smartphone. Sony’s S2 hosts two 5.5 inch screens which makes it larger in size and more comparable to a laptop. Moreover, it folds in a clamshell style whereas the Smartpad folds in the opposite direction.

Users are questioning whether Imerj’s product will too fragile as a screen is hosted on both sides of the phone when in folded mode – a problem the Sony S2 won’t be facing. The company aims to solve this problem by introducing the ‘Gorilla Glass’ screen; a glass that is resistant to scratches, damage, and can withstand constant touch. As this technology is new, many users might not be convinced until they actually use the product. To make the users forget it and prove that the Smartpad is, indeed, quite impressive, Imerj has introduced super Amoled displays that will attract many people who want to stream media on their devices.

A few details other than ones mentioned above have been released by Imerj so far. The company still has to release when the 2-in-1 Smartpad will be available, but experts are expecting it to arrive before Christmas.


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