Russian Government to show a red signal to iPad while a green one to RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook!

By: nJaved


The Russian Government is planning to ban iPads while considering RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook for the official office use!

It seems like RIM found another helping hand of the Russian Government which could play a huge role in establishing a distinctive position for BlackBerry Playbook in the tablet market! Many reports from the Russian newspapers such as RBK Daily (daily business publication) show that the Russian Government may in fact ban Apple’s iPad in government agencies because of security issues. Instead they are planning to prioritize “cryptographically secure tablet PCs as cited. These same reports also say that the government is still under the decision making procedure of whether to simply appoint RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook which runs on Google’s Android platform or invent a device of its own which will be created using “a variety of security system” by the Russian agency. The Russian government is aiming to do this so as o “speed up workflow among agencies.” Now, that’s a good enough reason to think on these lines!

If this consideration takes the face of reality then there will be no denying that that this would prove to be another great feat for RIM. RIM is reputed to prioritize secure technology so that it could place BlackBerry PlayBook as the top choice for businesses and governments at the current time. This strategy is not new as we can link the dots. RIM already has promoted and marketed the BlackBerry smartphones on the same lines and thus, they successfully became known for being the first choice of businessmen.

The unique strategy of RIM to focus on security technology has already won BlackBerry devices to be the choice of official agencies around the globe which includes the Canadian government as well as the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. The latter has crowned BlackBerry PlayBook with a FIPS 14-2 certification only recently, enabling it to brag at being the ONLY tablet that has been awarded this certification so far. That seems like a Tablet Nobel prize to me!!

Even though the PlayBook’s market share in the tablet market is only 4% compared to iPad’s 62%, it is still winning the approved nods from the governments. With Russian government to be the next hopeful ally of RIM’S BlackBerry PlayBook, we can positively wish good luck to RIM to win the race in the tablet market!

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