Samsung Launches Software Update for Galaxy Tab


New Software unveiled by Samsung Electronics for 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab as the maker tries to differentiate its products.

Since Google makes the Android operating system for a number of manufacturers, a lot of mobile phone and tablet devices end up looking the same. Samsung plans to change that; the company has released a software update that will set the Galaxy Tab apart from other Android OS tablets in the market.

Samsung had released its first tablet in the US only a few months before the update. The company follows the path of many others in their need to differentiate the devices in a market where most producers use Google’s OS. However, none of these have been successful so far to win over the Apple iPad.

On 3 August Samsung announced that it introduced a new software update on the Android OS that will make the user interface more visually appealing and make the multimedia tablet experience more entertaining. Business users have also been kept in mind while creating the update; Samsung has brought new features in such as Wi-Fi printing and secure remote network access.

“When we first launched the tablet, we promised our customers that we were going to delight them by ensuring the experience we deliver them helps them with work and with play,” said Gavin Kim, Samsung Telecommunications America vice president of content, data services and enterprise mobility, at a press event in New York. “Today we’re officially unveiling a major software update that takes that promise even further.”

Through the new ‘TouchWiz UX’ UI, users can customize the system and multitask whenever they want to, all thanks to the large screen of the Galaxy Tab. Other features include pre-installed apps such as the Amazon Music Cloud Player and Kindle.

Gavin Kim said that those users who will update the software through the internet won’t be able to do so till 5 August. Moreover, users won’t be given to choice to shift back to the original Android OS even if they want to.

“We’ve done a lot of research on what consumers are looking to improve,” he said. “It follows along those three general categories, with ease of use and visual appeal, much more fun and entertaining and enterprise enablement. It’s not intended to be intrusive but is intended to be helpful.”

The news has come around at a time when Samsung is involved in lengthy litigation against Apple which was started the latter company claiming that the former copied its iPhone and iPad. Their battle has expanded into the UK, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

While no decision has been made by court, Australian officials have requested Samsung to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or a modification until the case is finalized or the government says so.

Samsung’s decision also has been timed perfectly as other producers, such as Motorola, are releasing their product differentiation software soon.

“It’s a matter of timing,” said Avi Greengart, analyst as Current Analysis. “Motorola wanted to be first to market with the Xoom so they couldn’t customize the software. And Samsung itself launched their product without these capabilities. (That is what happens) when you’re building off of someone else’s platform.”

A spokeswoman from Motorola confirmed that the company will be offering its tablet users features including Motoblur and the 3LM software.

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