Skype App for iPad Launched and Pulled Off


The strongly anticipated Skype app specifically made for iPad was released on Apple’s online store for download on Monday and got unexpectedly yanked back by Skype on a second thought.

After launching the Skype app on iPhone, the company finally seemed ready to bestow its app on iPad as well. In fact, Skype actually did release its app on Monday and made it available on Apple’s app store online. And as quickly as that Skype decided to revert its launch and pulled the app back from the app store to the disappointment of several iPad users. What was the point of crushing the hopes of so many users eagerly awaiting to download a Skype app on their iPad? This much anticipated release came with quite an unexpected temporary time period. And now that it has been yanked off the app store there is no certainty of saying when the app would be launched for a second and hopefully permanent time.

The Skype app was reported last month to consist of audio/video call and chat features in the iPad version. Its brief appearance at Apple’s online store, no doubt, must have set a wave of users on their toes, who were all ready for the download. Apple itself was supportive of the app and had given its approval for the launch readily. There probably was excitement regarding the use of the app’s Facetime feature which enables users to video chat, without wireless internet, on a phone call. This feature is being used by iPhone 4 users which contains the Skype app as well. And keeping in mind the dual facing cameras of iPad 2, Skype must have been eager itself to provide the app to users who could then utilize this function of the app with the camera feature of iPad 2.

The Skype app’s functionality on iPad is expected to be similar to the iPhone version of the app. And similar to the PC and Mac versions, the video and audio call on the app will be free for users. Only data usage price is required for 3G connection in case the user does not have Wi-Fi support. Also the iPad version of the Skype app will have the added feature of calling on other operating systems compatible with Skype including Android powered smart phones.

In relation to the unpleasant pull-off of the Skype iPad app, the company stated an apology to its users on Twitter. And that is all Skype had to say to the disappointed lot. I guess it’s not even sure when the second launch would occur or even if it does have something in mind it is not ready to share it yet. Let’s just hope there is a second launch of the Skype app and next time the company thinks twice before prematurely launching it.

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