Spice replaces MI 700 Tablet with MI 720


Spice decides to launch MI 720 this August – a new and improved version of the 2010 MI 700 – with a more qualitative operating system.

MI 700

Spice MI was having a little trouble making up its mind, a while ago I guess. And now that it has decided upon a plan of action, it’s certainly not a bad one. Previously, there was news relating to a July launch of MI 700 Android tablet in India. But some new idea struck the company, forcing it to drop the initial plan and pick up on another one, changing the news bulletin on the way. Now, the headline states that Spice is getting ready to launch MI 720, a new and improved replacement version of its MI 700 Android tablet, next month.

Indian tablet manufacturers confirm the news for the consumers who are excited for an enhanced version of Spice’s last year MI 700 Droidpad release that was powered by Android 2.2 Froyo. As compared to this previous operating system, it has been speculated that the new version would consist of Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. In order to specify what qualities we might get to see upgraded in the improved MI 720 release, let’s have a reminder of MI 700’s features. The 7 inch touchscreen device launched back in 2010 supported a 32 GB microSD card, 512 MB of ROM and RAM, SIM card, portable WiFi hotspot (3G connection) and Bluetooth v2.1. It is equipped with a VGA front camera and a 3 MP back camera that are most useful for video conferencing. MI 700 contains a 600 MHz application processor which is expected to get upgraded to 800 MHz in the improved MI 720 version. Other than that, the devices most favourable functions include the unlimited access to Android Apps Market along with some of Google free apps and a battery power of 3240 mAh.

Spice must have had a change of mind for the better. By redesigning their product in a more enhanced form from its predecessor, Spice presents its customers with an enriched in quality version of MI 700. Users might be ready to replace their MI 700 with this more accessible August launch of MI 720 tablet, if of course they are open to a price ranging up to Rs. 20,000.

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