Tablets to replace Textbooks in South Korea by 2015


The South Korean government lays out a scheme to enhance the level of digital education for its nation

The era of technology is making its way into schools this time. The education system is being remodeled and redefined by the IT industry. Latest report states that South Korean schools will be receiving ‘tablet’ means of education within a period of three years.

An amount of $2.4 billion is going to be spent for the acquisition of material for this project by the South Korean Education Ministry. Instead of using textbooks, students will be provided with tablets, smart phones and computers to study on. The South Korean government plans to replace the primary level of education with tabletized materials by 2014 and deliver computer notebooks to all its mid and high level schools by 2015.

Manufacturers of tablets and PC’s should be ready as this is an opportunity for them to increase their market value. Besides that, the country’s government also plans to provide students with cloud computing services that would allow the access to their stored data on any PC, smart phone or tablet through internet.

This is a great goal being targeted by the South Korean ministry and would turn out to be a great achievement if successful. The ministry is also taking an initiative to provide free tablets to students who are unable to afford it. Wireless internet will also be given to all the schools once the transition to digitalized education reaches its completion by 2015. Hospitalized or handicapped students will not be neglected in this move to technology and they will be enabled to attend online classes from 2013.

One South Korean ministry official stated that ‘Korean students, who are already fully prepared for digital society, need a paradigm shift in education.’ It is a surveyed fact that students being enabled with digital literacy learn faster. Still, you cannot put a tag on which form of education is better – printed or digital.

With a plan devised to encompass improvement in the level of education for the whole country and enriching its IT sector as well, South Korea has certainly laid out a “Smart Education” scheme. Now we just have to wait three years to witness this digital education revolution come true.

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