15 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10/8/7 PC (FREE) 2024

Are you looking for best rainmeter skins for windows? Well, if yes then you are at right place. If you like customizing your computer, then Rainmeter can be a great application to do so. It allows the user to change the desktop appearance in Windows 10.

best rainmeter skins

Rainmeter provides several options that allow you to make the desktop of your computer just as you want it. Not only that but there also skins available for Rainmeter. That’s why I have prepared this list of best Rainmeter themes for Windows 10/8/7 PC.

These skins can be used to quickly change the look and feel of the Windows 10 desktop. But there is a huge number of skins available for Rainmeter online. I have also shared Dolby Atmos apk.


15 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10/8/7 PC

Therefore, we are here with the 15 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10/8/7 PC. You can go through all of these and choose the best skin according to your liking.

In case if you want to download any of these, then you can simply click on their title which will take you straight to their download page.

1- Tech-A

Tech-A is one of the best looking Rainmeter skins for Windows computers. It has a very futuristic look which will be liked by most Windows users. Tech-A has a circular user interface with all the options and features based according to that.  Even though this skin has a very compact design, it can display some widgets at a time.

best rainmeter skins

The major widgets present in Tech-A include clock, date, CPU usage, RAM usage, disk usage, and many other useful widgets. Having these widgets right on your desktop is highly useful as you can monitor most things in your computer right at your desktop.

2- Razor

If you like minimalistic designs, then the Razor skin for Rainmeter might just be for you. Razor has one of the cleanest designs, and yet it looks very cool. This skin has a glass inspired skin which looks quite modern.  Talking about its functionality, it also has multiple widgets that match the skin in terms of their looks.

best rainmeter skins for windows

Apart from having the usual time and date widgets, it also has the support for battery, network strength, CPU, and many other useful widgets. You can customize this skin according to your liking quite easily with multiple options and settings.

3- IronMan-Jarvis

In case you like Iron Man comics and movies then this skin is just for you. Based on the Iron Man and Jarvis theme, it will be preferred by most Marvel fans. This best Rainmeter skin is quite futuristic in terms of its design which is inspired by the Iron Man movies.

rainmeter skins for windows 10

Unlike most Rainmeter skins, the IronMan-Jarvis skin for Rainmeter also comes with an RSS feed widget. It allows us to quickly go through your customized RSS feed right on your desktop.

Apart from that it also includes a notes widget which can be used to quickly note down something. You can also find the standard widgets like clock, date, and time widgets in the IronMan-Jarvis skin for Rainmeter on Windows 10.

4- Elegance 2

Elegance 2 is another cool best Rainmeter skins on Windows 10/8/7 which has a unique minimalistic design. This skin is quite different from others as its design, look, and feel is dynamic.

rainmeter themes for windows

It changes its color scheme according to the wallpaper that you have on your desktop. Apart from having a great design and user interface, Elegance 2 also has a unique font which makes it stand out from best Rainmeter skins available out there.

Its widgets also have a unique design regarding its widgets. Elegance 2 provides you very well integrated widgets that show you things like time, CPU usage, RAM usage storage usage of your computer right on the desktop of your Windows 10/8/7 machine.

5- NewsPaper

As the name suggests, NewsPaper is best Rainmeter skins that make your desktop look like a newspaper with added widgets. You will surely love this skin if you like retro or classic user interfaces on your computer.

rainmeter skins for windows 8

This skin shows you all of its widgets on the front page of a newspaper right on your desktop. Its major widgets include things like RSS feed, clock, date, CPU usage, RAM usage, etc.

Not only that but NewsPaper also allows you to check your emails right on the desktop of your Windows 10/8/7 computer.

6- Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D OS

Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D OS is another marvel themed skin for Rainmeter apart from the IronMan-Jarvis skin. It has a very futuristic design with multiple customizability options for your desktop look and feels.

best rainmeter skins

This skin is inspired by the Hellacarrier from the S.H.I.E.L.D comics and TV series. Because of the design and user interface of this skin for Rainmeter, it can show you multiple widgets right on your desktop at the same time.

It even has the power options right on your desktop that can allow you to shut down, sleep, or even restart your computer. Other standard widgets for this skin includes things like clock, CPU usage, RAM usage, HDD usage, etc.

7- Aliens

In case you are looking for a modern looking skin for Rainmeter then this is a great option. The Aliens skin for Rainmeter consists of multiple docks that contribute to a great desktop experience on the desktop of your Windows 10 computer.

rainmeter skins for pc

Apart from having widgets, the Aliens skin also has the support for adding the shortcuts of your most used applications right on your desktop. There are a lot of customizability options included in this skin for Rainmeter which allows you to make your desktop one of a kind.

8- iSteve

iSteve is a skin for Rainmeter that will turn your desktop into a MacOS inspired one. As the name suggests, this skin for Rainmeter will add design elements to your desktop that resemble Apple devices. Due to the design elements of this skin, it is called iSteve for Rainmeter in Windows 10/8/7.

rainmeter skins

This skin is one of the cleanest looking ones out there and is quite clutter free. Similarly, all of the widgets that you will find in this skin for Rainmeter are quite minimalistic in terms of their look and feel.

9- LIM!T

LIM!T is one of the unique and best Rainmeter skins out there. It does not have many graphical elements for its user interface; rather almost everything is text-based. Even then this skin looks quite good in terms of its look and feel.

rainmeter skins for pc

All of the widgets are also text-based which match the whole theme of the LIM!T skin for Rainmeter. In this skin, you get the option for multiple skins like weather, CPU usage, RAM usage, Disk Usage, Clock, Date, etc.

10- Battlefield 3

If you are a gamer and like the Battlefield franchise from EA then you will like this skin for Rainmeter. The Battlefield 3 skin has all of its UI elements based on the highly popular Battlefield games.

rainmeter themes

All things like icons, fonts, wallpapers, etc. are all based on Battlefield 3 in some way. And the user can even adjust these things by using the provided customizability options for Rainmeter. It also has widgets like weather, network strength, resource usage, etc. all of which also resemble the video game.

11- Simple Media

Simple Media is a skin for Rainmeter that is based on a card-based user interface. It is a skin which is meant to be quite minimalistic and straightforward. All of the widgets are also card based and are quite simple in terms of the design.

rainmeter skins for windows 7

The users get a wide range of widgets to choose from to be added on the desktop using the Simple Media skin. It allows you to add things like temperature, recycle bin info, resource monitor, date & time, etc.

12- Enigma

Engima is a skin for Rainmeter that provides its users with high flexibility. It comes with a wide range of customizability options and settings that allow the user to make the whole desktop experience unique.

best rainmeter skins

Enigma comes with more than 100 options and settings that allow you to change the user interface according to your liking. Not only that but you can also add multiple widgets right on your desktop using Enigma.

These widgets can range between time, weather, media playback, RSS feed, notes, CPU usage, RAM usage, disk usage, and many other highly useful widgets.

13- Wisp

Wisp is a skin with a straightforward user interface, yet it can look very cool depending on your configuration. This skin for Rainmeter has almost no graphical elements, yet most of the things are text-based.

best rainmeter skins for windows

Due to this, if you have the right wallpaper, Wisp can look quite cool. Since it does not fill up your screen with graphical elements, you can add multiple widgets at a time without causing any clutter.

You can add things like CPU usage, RAM usage, clock, system temperature, weather, disk usage, network usage, and many other useful widgets right on your desktop using Wisp.


MNML UI is a Rainmeter skin made for those who do not like any clutter on their desktop. This skin focuses on the most simple user interface possible for any Windows computer.

best rainmeter skins

To achieve this, it does not have any options or toggles on your screen. Rather it only shows the date and time on your desktop along with the current weather. And it does not support any other widgets to achieve a minimalistic and simple look.

15- Neon Space

Neon Space is a very futuristic looking skin for Rainmeter. It has a spaceship as the center of its user interface. And all of the widgets that you add are placed around the spaceship in the Neon Space skin.

rainmeter skins for windows 7

If you wish your desktop to be complex and filled with information, then Neon Space can be a great choice. You will find almost all widgets in Neon Space that you can easily add to make your desktop however you want it to be.

Wrapping Up

I hope that you’ve found these Rainmeter themes cool in terms of their user interface and liked one of the above mentioned 15 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10/8/7 PC.

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