Best 4 Gay and Lesbian dating applications

Given below are the 4 applications that are considered some of the best dating applications for gays and lesbian.

  1. OkCupid

This is a free dating application and is loved by all. If you want to make new friends or want to set up a date, and fit into all kinds of lifestyle, then this application is the most user friendly application that you can get. This application has a large user base and this application allows you to rate other people’s profile as well, and you can read and view even on a small screen. Though some users have said that this application locks their account without any prior information and the interface is little monochromatic in nature.

  1. Grindr

This application was launched in the year 2009 and now it has a user base of 5 million people. This application finds your date on the basis of the geographical location. Be it a serious date, a casual date or just friendship, this application works for all. This application is available for all the users of Android, iPhone, and Blackberry users that makes it diverse in nature. For using this application, you will have to pay some amount, and some users have faced connectivity issues as well.

  1. Dattch

This application has been made by a woman, for women. This application can be used bisexual women, lesbians, and bicurious women. If you have just relocated and want to make few friends, or if you want to go on a serious date, this application works for you. Dattch is user friendly in nature, but if you live in a rural area or any big city, then this application might not work for you. This application cannot be used by Android users and some of the users have faced bugs while using the application. Dattch rebranded herself as raised 1M$ fund.

  1. Hornet

This is a unique application as it has two important features- one is public facing and the other one is the use of private photos. You can view profiles of users all over the globe. This application allows you to share profiles with your friends and has some great filter features. The disadvantage of this application is that it crashes mid-way, a lot of pop-ups keep coming up when you are using the application and if you are looking for someone with a specialized lifestyle, you might not get it.

How to Play Games in iMessage on iOS 10

Nowadays, iMessage can be very easily used on iOS. It has a number of features and now it has also added some more features, latest being able to play games in iMessage with friends. Not only this, it also makes sure that users play games on this platform or they can also use third party application within the messaging app. The user can install a number of games on this platform like that of shooting games, sports games, animation, fighting and word games, along with sound and background effects.

In this article, we will tell you how you can play games in iMessage on iOS 10.

  1. First of all, you will have to install iMessage supported game or an app on the system.
  2. If not this, you can also use iMessage application from the Message app. By doing this, you will get to see games that is part of the message application.
  3. You will get to see a triangle icon near the message box.
  4. After this, click on App store icon.
  5. You have to now click on Square dot icon that is located at the bottom right corner.
  6. After that, click on the + icon.
  7. When you do this, you will get to see a list of applications.
  8. In case if you do not see the application that you want to, you can always enter the name in the search box.
  9. Soon after doing this, you have to get ready to install the game that you want to play. Below is the list of some of the games that you can install on your system.
  • Game Pigeon
  • Disney stickers
  • Pusheen animated stickers
  • Super Mario run stickers
  • Trivia crack
  • City Mapper
  • Circle play
  • The weather channel
  • Polariod swing
  • Open table
  • Msg me word gues

When you have installed the game, following steps will tell you how the game can be played.

  1. On your iPhone screen, you will have to open the Message App.
  2. You will have to click on iMessage conversation. If not this, you can always create a new thread.
  3. You will have to click on > icon and then click on App store that you will find next to the text field.
  4. Click on Square dot now that you will see on the left side of the screen.
  5. You will have to swipe so as to navigate the game that you want to play.
  6. For example, you want to play 8 ball pool, click on that, and then create game and start playing the game.
  7. Once you have finished playing the game, you can always send it to your friend and they will start playing the game.
  8. For this to happen, you have to make sure that you play the game first and after that, you have to send the request to your friend. If your friend has installed the game, only then they can accept your request and play the game.

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Top 5 Apps for Mobile Broadcasting

Live-Stream the latest buzz in Social-Media market has offered people a completely new experience. The new trend is tempting, engaging, and making fans go bananas over it. Be it college students, public figures, far-relatives, business corporate people or just about anyone; everyone has their own reasons to use this service and go live. Here is the list of the top 5 broadcasting apps you can use.


This pioneer in live-streaming service gained immense success in very short-time, and was bought by Twitter soon because of its exponentially increasing craze. Its compact size, great user-interface and free service make it good tool to stream live videos anywhere, anytime. It is available on the mobile platform and if you want to get Periscope for PC there is a workaround.

Facebook Live

The best social-media platform was relatively late in launching live-stream service, yet garnered millions of fans plugged-in to it in no time. This new feature instantly notifies the followers and friends about person being live, and they can respond in likes and comments to broadcaster’s ‘live performance’.


This Los Angeles based website StreamUp allows anyone to watch and stream live videos. It has a revenue system which lets users earn from live stream on their channel. It also offers features to enhance videos. Users can add filters, overlays, and special effects to the videos.

Live Stream

This app allows one to expand their network and broadcast not just to their friend-list but to the whole world, and become a celebrity in quick time. Its integrated chat feature allows broadcaster to interact with the viewers. All this services are available for an optimal rate of $42/month.


The app didn’t take much long to become a sensation among people and gained 50 millions download in initial few months itself. It is available on play store, and takes just one tap to start live-streaming service. It is highly recommended to the people who possess some talent and want to project it to the outside world. It provides them with a platform to do so, while interacting with viewers via comments during live streaming. The service is free of cost but charges a handful bucks for some premium features.


Top 3 FaceTime Alternatives for Android

iOS by Apple and Android by Google are the two mobile platforms used by the majority of the smartphones in the world today. There is no doubt that both of them give each other tough competition and try to outstrip each other at every opportunity they get. Both of them have a very loyal customer base as well.

There is one thing though everyone has come to agreement to – Apple’s creates some really awesome apps and since most of them are exclusive to its devices, they become all the more desirable. FaceTime is one such app that has snatched a lot of customers away from Google as they have switched to the iOS platform.


But, if you do not have an iPhone or iOS, do not be disappointed. You have some really good alternatives to FaceTime for Android. Here are some of them.


When the subject of video calling is broached, Skype is the name that is bound to emerge to the surface and that too quite prominently. Skype is the name that has become synonymous to video calling and VoIP. There was a time when we would not make the voice calls; instead we would simply say ‘let’s Skype.’ The good thing is that it is not exclusive to any platform. Whether you have an Android device or iOS (even Blackberry or Windows) you can download and use this amazing app.


When Viber was first launched, you could only send text messages or make voice calls. However, it did not take long for the company to figure out that to stay on course with competitors they will need to introduce the video calling feature too – and so they did. Today, they have a large customer base and millions of video calls are being made everyday using this app.

Google Duo

Launched only a couple of months ago, Google Duo is already making lots of heads turn. After all, it is a Google product and for the first time dedicated to video calling. It is a cross platform app and thus can be used on iOS as well as Android devices. In the coming time, there is a good chance it might give tough competition to FaceTime.

Shareit vs Zapya vs Xender: Get the Best One

You must remember the time when the smartphones were pretty new and file sharing among them was a big challenge. We would use Bluetooth but it was so slow that sharing large files was almost impossible. Also, it was not always very reliable. The connection would usually break and thus you would have to start the whole transfer process again.


This was really quite some hassle. But these things were definitely remedied when the hotspot feature was introduced in the smartphones. This is when it became possible to share the files between two or more phones within the close range at a high speed. This was made possible by the incredible file sharing apps like SHAREit, Xender, Zapya, and more.

When we think about file transfer across devices, these are the three names that cross our minds first. So, why not have a quick comparison of these.

SHAREit At A Glance

If you are asking the question which one is the best then it might be a little difficult to answer. All the three apps offer almost the same functionalities and same speed. So it usually boils down to the personal choices. But if you want to look at it objectively, you will find that SHAREit is the app which has been downloaded more number of times in comparison to the other two. So, some may want to assume that it is the best. There is barely any doubt that SHAREit app is a great app with a simple interface and easy connectivity option is. It is also advisable to have this app on your phone as most of the other people also have it.

Xender At A Glance

Xender may not be as popular but it is definitely a wonderful file sharing app. There are some people who are even ready to swear by it. It does have a nice looking app and many people find it better than the others. It also has a buzz feature that allows you to buzz another user of this app.

Zapya At A Glance

Zapya is also a great file sharing app. It has almost all the functionalities as the above two along with some of its unique features. It also has an integrated chat application that allows you to ping other Zapya users.

Facetime for iOS Devices- How to Download and Install

Facetime is an app developed by Apple and hence made available easily for use on ios devices. It’s a net based video calling service, that this app provides its users. It’s easy to use and download and makes for a great experience when used.

With hd quality video and extremely clear, noise or distortion free audio, it’s easily the best app for video calls that’s available to the users. It’s been gaining popularity at a momentous speed for precisely these reasons. It’s available for free and works like a charm with wifi connection or even a cellular 3g data connection. It’s so popular in fact, that windows, android and blackberry users are tweaking their phones just so as to use this app.


It has call block features so you can block either a certain person or all calls for a time. It’s a highly encrypted service so that any calls made remain perfectly private. It brings to you a mute feature as well, so if you need to have a conversation with someone you bumped into or a nosy mom, you can make sure that remains private from your facetime pall. The app boasts a user friendly and easily customized interface to boot. However, this wonderful video and voice calling app is not available for Android or Windows computer, in recent times the demand for Facetime for PC version has increased tremendously, but Apple has clearly mentioned that they are in no modd to launch Facetime’s Windows PC version or launch Facetime for Android in the near future. Moving ahead lets talk about how to get Facetime for iOS devices.

Facetime For MAC- Download

To download and install the app on any ios device all that needs be done is as follows-

  1. Visit the apple store and search for facetime app.
  2. Click on install and allow the app to make any changes in the phone.
  3. Wait as it installs in the background.
  4. Run the app and follow any instructions that it prompts you to follow.

When the app gets installed all that remains is activating it. Which is easily done with your Apple id and password. Sometimes on activating FaceTime, you might see one of these messages:

  • Could not sign in, please check your network connection
  • Activation unsuccessful
  • Waiting for activation
  • An error occurred during activation

Likely there’s just something to do with the device settings


Make sure that you’re connected to an Internet cellular network or wifi. In case of an iPhone, SMS messaging to activate your phone number with FaceTime might be what’s needed. Depending on your carrier, you might be charged for this SMS.

If that doesn’t work go to Settings > General > Date & Time and make sure that your phone time is correct

Turn off and restart facetime, unless that’s something you’ve already tried.

If the restart has been tried and yet there’s trouble visit Settings >Facetime and turn off facetime from there. After a while, go to Settings >FaceTime again and turn on FaceTime. This reboots the app entirely.Bokehlicia-Pacifica-System-software-installer

If even then it’s now activated, in the 24 hour time check to see that your ios is the latest version, if not update it. If that doesn’t work either, contact apple support.

I hope that after reading this article you can use facetime easily and efficiently. Apple is always releasing updates for its apps, and Facetime isn’t any different. Keep your App updated to stay out of obsolescence with your friends.


Top 5 iMovie Alternatives For Android

iMoive is an iOS Application suitable for editing videos casually.  It supports trimming, Adding Titles, Background Music and many other features.  This Application is for free of charge for those using iOS7 and above and is available for the others at a fee of $4.99. iMovie is a great success, there are many people who are using it on their pc, however, for those who would like to try its alternatives, there are other similar Applications available for those not using iOS.  There are other Applications on iOS as well which offer like functions.

Some of the similar Applications are listed below:

Vine: Vine allows the user to record a sequence of 6 seconds.  This then becomes a loop after the lapse of first 6 seconds. This Application is particularly good for the social media sharing.  Vine works both on Android and iOS.  This is a free Application and works like iMovie app.


Instagram: Like Vinepen to use post download.  This Application allows a fifteen second recording sequence.  User can create a Montage and then use it with different types of filters.


You Tube Capture:  This is an iOS only free Application similar to iMovie.  This is very good for sharing videos on social media platforms.  You Tube Capture has the capability of auto stabilization, Colour Correction, Adding Background Music and Trimming.


Splice: This is a paid Application with a fee of $3.99 for the iOS platform.  You can splice together HD photos and videos using this Application.  All the other features of a Basic Video Editor are available as well.


Vyclone: If you are using a Windows phone and wondering what are your options you can use Vyclone to Edit and make a clip of your own.  This Application also works on Android and iOS platforms. Vyclone allows you to mix footage from various sources and edit multiple angles.  Automatic help is available if you need help to an extent.


Snapseed: Quality Picture Editing for iOS and Android

Snapseed is one of the best photo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. An iOS update binds to the free application on Instagram and improves existing features.

We accept the update to version 2.3 for iOS like an opportunity to once again draw attention to the free image editing app Snapseed. After all, is a very good tool with good algorithms that we are among the must-have apps for iPhone. Moreover Snapseed is free.

Besides Instagram connection (however Instagram must be installed on the iPhone) automatically detects the focus effect in the new version of the app faces and suggests a setting for the blur. Nothing big, but a little relief. In addition, with the automatic alignment wrong captured images aligned with the horizon line, and the metadata display is improved.


Since late last year supported Snapseed 3D touch of iPhone 6s (Plus) and is adapted to the display of the iPad Pro .

Who does not know the app, here our imagination:

Snapseed For Mac

Snapseed free thanks to Google

Small history for version 2: Originally Snapseed was an application of Nik Software, a developer of high-quality (and expensive) plugins designed for Photoshop and other programs. In autumn 2012, Google bought the software company and presented Snapseed for Mac soon. Technologies found in the Android operating system collection, the apps for iOS and Android have been and are still evolving – and distributed for free. Before Google times Snapseed cost usually around 4 Euros.


Snapseed 2: image editing on iPhone, iPad & Android devices

A basic update for Snapseed was from long – eventually the design was not very timely. Google has – due to its operating system – made flat. In addition, the user interface has been reorganized and integrated new features.

The app now distinguishes between tools and filters. For the former include, for example tweaking which contains among others the tools known brightness, ambiance, contrast, etc. Moreover drawing, transforming and area correction can be found under Tools. Using a brush can be brightness, correct temperature and saturation selectively in the photo.

In the filters, we find the famous drama, the context, but also new as Noir and Glamour Glow.


One of the great peculiarities was and is the selective correction with the exclusive “U-Point technology,” known from the Nik Software plug-ins. It can be found under the name selective in the app. The user can thus change intelligently selected image areas in color or brightness, without having to create complicated selections. In a tutorial I have shown a few years ago, as you hereby corrected image areas.

Snapseed for Android

The operation of Snapseed has always been a bit strange, but useful for small screens. With practice, the photo settings by horizontal and vertical can perform well, and there are automatics. However, the new version also requires existing users some trial period – which does not want to accept any reviewer in the App Store.

Download Snapseed for PC