How to Get iPhone Emojis for Android Phones (No Root & Root) 2024

Want to know how to Get iPhone emojis for Android without root? Well, I am back with 2 easy ways to get iOS emojis on Android without root/root. Emojis are one of the best ways to express your emotions to your friends in the age of friends. Almost all online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat have the support for emojis.

iphone emojis for android

And due to this, almost all smartphone users use emojis while texting others or for captions on Instagram. The best part emojis is that they are available for all platforms out there including Android, iPhone and even Windows 10 on your computer.

Unfortunately, all these different platforms have their own emojis which differ in terms of their design. Due to this, some users might like the emojis found on one phone more than emojis of your device.

And many Android users out there are looking for a way to get iPhone emojis on Android. But the process required for iPhone emojis can be a little complicated, and there are multiple possible methods out there for doing this in Android device.

Therefore, today in this article I will take you through the full guide on how to get iPhone Emojis for Android with/without root. You will also find the detailed step by step guides as well as any download links which are required for this process. I have also shared how to disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry.


How to Get iPhone Emojis For Android without Root?

If you have ever tried getting iPhone emojis on Android device, then you must have found multiple methods that allow you to do the same. But all these methods can be quite cumbersome to follow and might not even work in some cases.

ios emojis for android

Not only that but some of the methods out there also require you to have root access in your Android devices. Since this is not possible for all Android users out there, we have come up with the easiest method for getting iPhone emojis on Android without root.

But if you have root access on your Android device, then we highly recommend that you use the root method. As we are not changing any of the system files in your Android device, these iPhone emojis will not be available on a system-wide level.

Instead, you will be able to use these iPhone emojis in a few numbers of apps installed on your device. But if you do not have any issues with that or do not have internet access on your device, after that follow the given steps one by one to successfully get iOS emojis for Android without root.

Steps to follow before initializing any method

To use iPhone emojis on your Android device, you have to use third-party applications which are not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, for this process, we will be installing this app via an APK file. But this requires you to first allow the installation of third-party apps on your Android device as shown here:


Open the Settings on your Android phone and go to the Security options.

iPhone emojis on android


In here, look for the Unknown Sources options and make sure it is enabled.

iPhone emojis without root


After that, you can install any app on your Android device via its APK file.

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Method-1: Install Emoji Font 3 to get iPhone Emojis For Android (No Root)

Well, you already have enabled the installations of third-party APK files on your Android device, now you can proceed further. To get iPhone emojis for Android device, we will be using an application called Emoji Font 3.

It allows users to add custom emojis in Android device without root. You can also use this app on your Android device as shown here.


First, download the APK file of Emoji Font 3 on your Android device from this download link.


After that, use any file explorer like ES File Explorer on your Android device to open this APK file. Make sure to allow all the required permissions to this app for successfully installing this app on your Android device.

iphone emojis with root


Once that is done, go to your Settings app and go to Display settings. In here, select Font Style and choose Emoji Font 3 using the popup window.

iphone emojis for android


Finally, make sure that you are using Google Keyboard on your Android device where you will find iPhone emojis which can be used on your Android device.

How to get iOS Emojis on Android With Root Access?

While the non-root method using the Emoji Font 3 app will work for most users, it might not be working for you. Not only that but that method does not work in all the applications installed on your Android device.

In such a case, it is highly recommended that you are using the root method on your Android device if you have rooted it. Similar to the non-root way for Android devices, this method also uses a third party app for getting iPhone emoji.

But unlike the Emoji Font 3 app, this one uses root access to change the emojis in your Android device successfully. There are many root apps out there which can be used for installing iPhone Emojis, but for this article; we will be using an app called Emoji Switcher.

And you can follow the given set of instructions one by one to change the emojis of your Android device. Also, you can download Dolby Atmos apk On Android without root.

Method-2: Install Emoji Switcher on your Android device (Root)

Since Emoji Switcher is an app which requires root access to function, it is not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore we will be installing it in your Android device using its respective APK file.

But before that, make sure that you have enabled the installation of APK files from unknown sources on your Android device. You can perform the steps in the non-root method above to allow the installation of Emoji Switcher on your device. And once you are done with that, you can install this app on your Android device as shown here:


Use any browser like Google Chrome to download the APK file of Emoji Switcher on your Android device from this link. After that, go to the downloads folder of your Android device using a file explorer like ES file explorer.


Now, open the downloaded Emoji Switcher APK file and start the installation process for this app. It will be successfully installed on your device within a few seconds.

Use Emoji Switcher to get iPhone Emojis on your Android Device

Once you have downloaded and installed the Emoji switcher app on your Android device, you can use it to get iPhone emojis. But since this is a root app, the process of installing iPhone emojis on your device can be quite cumbersome.

Therefore, if you want to get iPhone emojis on your Android device using Emoji Switcher, make sure to follow the given steps one by one correctly:


First, open the newly installed Emoji Switcher [root] app on your Android device.

get iphone emojis for android


Inside this app, you will get the root access prompt. To successfully get iPhone Emojis on Android, make sure to give root access to this app.


After that, select iOS 10.2 option from the drop-down menu next to the Set emojis to option. Now tap on the SET button to apply the iPhone emojis in your Android device.

iphone emojis for android


At last, reboot your device which will successfully replace all of the emojis in your Android device to get iPhone Emojis.

Final Words

Well, I hope that you’ve successfully got iPhone Emojis for Android without root/with root. I’ll suggest you try rooted method if you want the full emojis on your Android phone.

iOS Emojis on Android can be a lot better than those feelingless Android emojis. If you got any questions or doubts don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.


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