Android Tablet Soon to be displayed at the Amazon Stalls

With numerous firms manufacturing tablets with extreme competition, are looking up to the launch of Amazon’s Android based tablet soon!

Amazon will soon launch an Android tablet at an even in New York this week. The news has suddenly caught the ears of many because in the present times, tablets are raging high like anything and anything related to tablets, gains attention of many. Amazon has come up with the idea of launching its new Android based tablet that will soon be unveiled to the world.

Amazon has previously introduced an interesting gadget known as the Kindle electronic book which made waves for quite some time in the market. Users were attracted by the multiplicity of this tablet as it provided users with an opportunity to access millions of online books and read them with much advised convenience and luxury, than reading a book with actual pages. This electronic book made waves as it shrank world class libraries into a mere tablet!! I’m sure you must have seen the Kindle electronic book, if you haven’t used it.

However, now they are planning on releasing this Android tablet which will most probably be called, “Kindle Fire”! It will feature a seven-inch (17.78-centimeter) screen, smaller than the iPad’s 9.7-inch (24.6-cm) display. I’m sure Amazon will pay special attention at the appearance and the outlook of the tablet.

With such rage, independent trade analyst Carmi Levy told AFP, “More than any other recent tablet introduction, Amazon’s entry is set to shake the still-solidifying market to its very core. Unlike hardware manufacturers who lack the pockets and the resolve to slug it out with Apple in a protracted war over market share, Amazon has both the resources and the will to stay in the game as long as it needs to. We expect Amazon to significantly undercut Apple on price. Apple’s cheapest iPad sells for $499 but an Amazon tablet could start at around $250. Since Amazon is in the business of moving content and not hardware, I expect its tablet to be very aggressively priced. An artificially low price point would also put pressure on Apple — something no competitor has been able to do thus far.”

Interesting speculations, I must say! Carmi Levy has surely explained some interesting facts about the pricing of this Android based tablet. It is for us to wait and watch whether all of this culminates or not!

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