BCG Survey: Windows Tablet Preferred over Apple’s iPad

In a survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in America and China, people preferred Windows OS over other major operating systems like iOS and Android.

iPad is undoubtedly the most popular and desired tablet in the world when it comes to sales.  But people gave a different opinion when they were asked about which operating system on tablets they will prefer. The survey was done in America and China by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the results showed that majority of the people prefer Windows tablet over Android, Blackberry and iOS.

The question asked by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) was “Which operating system do you prefer on your tablet”. Windows had a definite edge over other operating systems. In America, 42% people preferred Windows while 27% chose iOS. The competition was tougher in China as people favored Windows over iOS at 44% to 34%.

John Rose, one of the lead authors of the report and also a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) told Huffington Post that report doesn’t indicate that Windows will take over the tablet market in 2012 or people will prefer buying it. Rose believes that introduction of the Windows tablet will expand the market but it will not lead to share-shifting or sharing of sales. He thinks it’s hard to imagine that Windows platform will be ever being able to beat iOS’ push in the market. According to Rose, the right strategy for the Windows tablet will be to attract first-time buyers of tablets in America.

There were other findings too in the survey conducted by BCG. Survey tells us that tablet market in coming few years will expand dramatically but this is not surprising as we have seen the rising demand of tablets already. The survey expects that American tablet market to be double in year 2013.

The senior partner at BCG alerted that certain tablet features should be present for making consumers actually buying one. Rose says the surveys held by BCG in the past have identified three major conditions that people consider while making decisions about tablets: Price, feature functionality and user interface. So, if Windows wants to make their tablet a successful one, they have to address these three basic conditions. Rose believes that people prefer Windows over other operating system because they are more familiar with Windows as it a well-known operating system since 1990s. Whatever the reason maybe, its remains appealing finding of the survey is the paramount of Windows OS over Apple iOS and Android as the potential tablet.

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