HP Clearance-Priced TouchPad Tablet Sales Go Wild

HP sets fire sale hype among consumers, for the clearance of its TouchPad tablet, which heats up the demand for the device at a super-cheap cost, causing retail store stocks to be cleared up.

A few days back, HP came up with a breakthrough idea to sell the remainder of its HP TouchPad tablets. Instead of sticking with its plan to discontinue the tablet as it was not selling well in the market, HP figured another way around which would also bring in some profits for the company. And the alternate idea stated that all of the HP TouchPad tablets will have a $300 price reduction, which brings the cost of the 16GB units down to $99 and 32GB units down to $149! And after informing the retailers of this deeply discounted price drop, waves of tablet buyers streamed in crazily to grab their low priced TouchPad units. Well, if the HP TouchPads are going to clear out, they might as well depart from the market with some dignity.

HP discounted TouchPad sales went overboard so much that consumers cleaned up the tablet stock both online and in store in the US, which began on Sunday by Best Buy Retail Company. Eager customers have been placing in their orders impatiently and will have to wait till more devices are shipped by the developers, which are rumoured to be underway. A sale page for the re-priced tablets has been put up on HP’s website, which also notifies the excited customers to ‘check back soon’. Besides that consumers can also be informed of the arrival of new HP TouchPad devices through email alert.

HP also updated a post on its website for consumers already owning an HP TouchPad, informing them of a ‘return/exchange policy’ being offered. The post stated: “Customers who purchased the 16GB or 32GB TouchPad after June 19 may come into the store to get either a full refund or a refund of the difference between the price they paid and the clearance price.” But this a limited offer, solely for customers who bought the full price tablets from HP’s website. They can contact HP’s Home & Office and place in their request for either a refund or the fire sale difference, which HP will grant, as informed in the webOS roundup. The return/exchange policy does not apply on consumers who purchased the discounted versions of HP TouchPad tablets and will not be accepted by Best Buy.

The tables just turned for HP when the news of its fire sale hit the market. Before that, the full priced TouchPad tablet was not doing well in relation to its market value and sales. Consumer attention was also not being drawn by the tablet. But as soon as clearance price mania started, the sales of HP TouchPad have heated up as consumers go wild to own a discounted tablet. Since there are still many customers out there waiting on edge to contribute in the fire sale, SlickDeal.net has gathered up a bunch of websites that are selling the re-priced low cost HP TouchPad. So for those who want to be a part of the clearance sale, they can check out the links on SlickDeal.net.

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