HP decides not to Manufacture any more Tablets: Shock for the Tablet Market!

Amongst the breaking news that broke up earlier this week, one emerges: HP has decided to shelve its HP TouchPad production… giving the tablet market a huge set back!

HP’s decision of abandoning the production of their HP TouchPad has made it emerge as a very strong company. I say so, as the tablet market is at a rise, in such a situation, the company’s decision depicts a strategy that they have at the back of their minds before making this news bigger! The PC production will continue but tablets will not be produced by HP anymore.

Interestingly, HP launched its WebOS-based TouchPad tablet seven weeks ago. However, the tablet, immediately after its launch did not receive any healthy comments on account of its poor performance. HP even cut the price down immediately to get any sort of positive review from the clients but nothing changed and HP was unfortunately asked to buy the thousands of tablets back! I’m sure that must have been a complete set back to the company’s economy!

The WebOS was unable to grab the attention of millions because of a poor combination of manufacturing, poor marketing strategies and bad hardware. However, when HP took up WebOS for its tablets, it should have strived harder to make this one a huge success as HP has the skill and the expertise to make a tablet worth millions. But unfortunately, once when the WebOS collapsed, HP did not retrieve the production but kept on manufacturing because of which quantity surpassed quality. As a result of this today in the tablet market, one can only find Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. It’s a pity that HP has lost its track in the tablet market and has not been able to make it big!

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