India’s Bharti reveals a $220 Tablet which may be a Challenge to iPad!

India’s Technology and Communications Company called “Bharti Enterprises” claimed to have launched a tablet computer which will hopefully act as a local rival to Apple’s iPad with the price of just $220!

Dubbed as “Bharti’s Beetel Magiq” (they could have consulted a dictionary for spellings!), this tablet has a recent debut into the budding tablet market of India – where various manufacturers are now into the struggle of creating cheap yet suitable tablets for the 1.2 billion population’s demand!

Beetel Teletech, the phone gear arm of the Bharti Enterprises, Beetel Teletech who has a sister company named Bharti Airtel (which is the top mobile phone company in India)  proudly launched a 9999 rupee 7 inch tablet! It is being called a “ground breaking product of India.” The chief of Beetel Teletech Vinod Sawhny proudly wrote in an email: “Our tablet is about affordability. It offers high-end features not previously within the reach of the majority of Indian customers.”

The Magiq tablet has many high quality features. Some of its various features include: Google’s Android 2.2 software, eight GB memory which is expandable to 16 GB, a long battery life and more features of Wi-Fi and 3G, radio and back-and-front 2 M.P cameras. It seems quite good for the price being charged. This tablet was launched only a week after Reliance Communications – which happens to be India’s second largest mobile company – came up with its own $290 Android Tablet, seven inches.

Due to growing demand for tablets, many other manufacturers in India have announced the upcoming launches of different tablets that are cheaper than the tablets of well known companies such as Samsung, Apple and HTC. India is price conscious! Apple’s iPad 2 is priced around $499 where as RIM’s PlayBook is for over $600 in India. Even Samsung is hitting the high price trees when it declared the launch of a 10.1 inch tablets for $800 along with another 8.9 inch tablet for $750.

The thought behind cheap tablets came when the manufacturers were hoping that the Indians would leap to cheaper tablets instead of first buying an expensive personal computers just as they had gone straight for mobile phones instead of waiting for the relatively expensive Land line Phones. If this becomes true for India, then Apple is surely going to be left behind in India.

According to the analysts, the tablets makers in India are facing an uphill battle. They said that:

Tablets are not a priority for most Indian consumers who have limited pockets and probably prefer to spend on an air conditioner or some other consumer goods item. Until tablets become a priority device, they’re not going to create a huge impact.”

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