Tablet Market Likely to Expand Globally in the Coming Years

The tablet market is expanding currently, but studies reveal that the market will grow even bigger during the coming years.

Business Information Services Company HIS has revealed that in the coming years the tablet market will expand even more! The tablet market will be triggered to expand with the help of the most acclaimed Apple’s iPad!

The HS report suggested that worldwide tablet shipments now are projected to rise to 60 million units in 2011. 58.9 units were predicted up till May and now by the closing of the year it has increased. The graph shoes that the growth will just be increasing even more as the next year proceeds.

Rhoda Alexander, senior manager of tablet and monitor research for HIS was leading this survey and he concluded by the end of the study, “The competition can’t seem to field a product with the right combination of hardware, marketing, applications and content to match up with the iPad. Furthermore, Apple’s patent litigation is serving to slow or complicate competitors’ entry into some key regional markets. With Apple lapping its competitors, many of whom are still struggling to get out of the starting gate, this remains a one-horse race.”

However, even though Alexander calls this a ‘one- horse race’, yet the only horse appears to take the market by storm! This can be said because the products of Apple especially its iPad have opened absolute new ways for the entire world. The success of iPad has taken Apple much ahead than where it was previously.

Alexander suspected, “Apple is expected to account for 74 percent of tablet shipments in 2011 and 43.6 percent in 2015, compared to previous forecast of 64 percent in 2011 and 32 percent in 2015.”

Not only this, but also she was of the view that by the year 2013, Apple will be grabbing and reserving most of the tablet shipments! Way to go Apple! Looks like the world will get to see several new and much advanced versions of iPad!

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