The Most Popularly Given Gifts this Christmas

Apple iPad 2 and Amazon Kindle prove to be the most popular tablets this Christmas

xmas tabletOn this holiday season the most popular gifts were the electronic items topping Apple iPad 2. Some tech experts noted that technology as gifts were immensely popular on these holidays and many people gave gifts like game consoles, TVs, iPhones, tablets, cameras and iphones etc to their loved ones especially as Christmas gifts. Electronic items were hugely popular this year was also because now people have become so cyber active that they need many kinds of electronic items for their everyday use. The trend is also becoming so common among children because according to a nationwide survey by Nielson, on this Christmas 44% of children age 6 to 12 asked for an iPad from Santa.

Kindle Fire, a great competitor against Apple’s iPad was also famous as the most given gift this Christmas. According to USA Today, the online retail giant sold millions of Kindle Fires this shopping season. Amazon’s tablet that done its debut this November was also famous on this season and has been filling more than 1 million orders per week on this Christmas. That was a huge success for both Kindle Fire and Amazon’s Tablet. Amazon is also working to launch its new e-reader; this new device will allow its users to read all kinds of books, magazines and to use variety of advanced apps, that device can also become famous as the most give away gift next Christmas.

Besides IT products like iPads, game consoles, tablets etc, there was yet another electronic item that was immensely famous as one of the Christmas gifts and that was keurig single cup coffee maker. Most of the people like this coffee maker because of its convenience and speed and it has become a great stigma for many people for having a wide variety of coffee, tea, hot cocoa to brew just by pressing a single button on the machine.

Many kids as well as young people on this Christmas also receive gifts like Kinect for XBOX 360 According to USA Today; this company sold more than 960,000 consoles in the US on this Christmas. Other gifts included in Christmas lists comprised of Nintendo Wii gaming devices and flat screen TVs and Many major retailers offered deep discounts on TV’s this holiday shopping season with some as much as 50% off.

So, it would not be wrong to say that after thorough surveys done to find out the most give away gifts on this Christmas included a series of the most worldwide famous electronic items.

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